Skincare Review: Ovale Beauty – Bedak Dingin

Have you ever tried or heard about product that is Beautiful as Pearl? In Malaysia, they called it Bedak Sejuk; di Indonesia, we called it as Bedak Dingin – Cold Powder. I know how they look like and how they sound in English, but It’s not detergent. It is an organic skincare made of rice.

From Minangkabau to Maluku, this Beautiful As Pearl Cold Powder has been passed on for generations.

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Bedak Dingin

In the past, people used to make Bedak Dingin from scratch using wheat powder and rose water. Later on, they added bengkoang into the mix as additional brightening ingredients.

There are many benefits that are believed will enhance our appearance:

My mother in law is one of Indonesian women that enjoys treating her skin with Bedak Dingin from her youth. She told me that she likes to use it as Acne treatment and to prevent pimples. Now, she still uses it to as Anti-Aging treatment to keep her skin soft, smooth and tight.




Ovale Beauty’s Bedak Dingin

As I have shared with you on my last post – Ovale Beauty Inheritage Beauty Product Launched, I got samples from them to try. I shared it with my mother in law, who went as excited as I am to try this Ovale Bedak Dingin.


The Product

Ovale Beauty’s Bedak Dingin is mainly made of natural ingredients, i.e. rice powder (Oryza Sativa).

There are two kinds of Bedak Dingin that Ovale Beauty launched:

  • Ovale Facial Mask – Whitening Pearl Extract
  • Ovale Facial Mask – Whitening Tea Extract




The similarities:

Both have the same function to freshen up skin after sun exposure and helps to remove dead skin cells,  to keep the skin firm and soft.

The Difference:

  • The Whitening Pearl Extract is specifically function to brighten the skin.
  • The Whitening Tea Extract is designed especially to treat acne skin.


How to use?


  1. Place 9-10 beads of powder mask into a bowlIMG_2182
  2. Mix it with +/- 1 table spoon of waterIMG_2186
  3. Apply Mask to clean, dry face and neck, avoiding eyes and lips area. Leave it for about 10 – 15 minutes to dry.
  4. Rinse off with warm water
  5. Reseal the zipper for next use.

For best result, use regularly 2 times a week.


Why Bedak Dingin Ovale Beauty?

Today, Bedak Dingin is more well known as a face mask that gives a cold sensation, and helps to brighten and tighten the skin.  So, you may ask what’s so special about it? There are so many similar face mask sold in the marketplace already.


Here is the deal.

  • It’s made of natural ingredients –  Rice Powder (Vit B), Pearl Extract & Tea Extract, which are good and needed by our skin.
  • It’s a national heritage skincare tradition that worth to be kept and passed on.
  • It has lots of benefits to enjoy; starting from treating acne to sprain treatment.
  • It does not have side effect! So, if you have sensitive skin, don’t worry! Naysila Midrad, the Ovale Beauty Brand Ambassador was testifying that she has a sensitive skin, and was glad to find a facial mask that is friendly with her skin.
  • It helps with oil control.
  • The pricing is very affordable.


Personally, I have tried the one for Acne Treatment – Tea Extract for a week, and very happy with the result. On my first try, I could see that it really leaves up the dead skin, leaving my skin clean and brighter. When wore the mask, I could feel a comforting cold sensation from the mixture till it dried. It also made my skin felt tighter too. After using it twice, I am quite surprise to find that it also helps with my oil control issue. If you don’t know yet, I have a very oily skin. Hence, I am in love with this product. I will definitely purchase it, and recommend whoever looking for Acne & Oil Control issue to try this product!

So, what’s not to love?



The Store & The Price

You can get  it at big Supermarket, drugstore (Watson & Guardian), and other Beauty Store.

Netto:  1 sachet contains 30 pearls @ 0.5 gr

Price: Rp 7,000.-

*Price is subject to change anytime


That’s all my review of this beautiful Pearl Face Mask. I hope you enjoy reading my post 🙂

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