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Easy Ombre Lips – Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar (Makeup Review)

Hi there, I know lots of you have been very excited, waiting for this review to be posted. Me too!

If you have been following me, you know that last weekend, 12 December 2015, I attended the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar launched, and managed to get some awesome goodies home. And I have made a sneak peak haul on the last post – Laneige: K-Beauty Workshop.




Two Tone Lip Bar Lipstick

Although in Indonesia the Two Tone Lip Bar just launched recently, it actually first launched in Korea in March 2015. Hence, it has been sold out multiple times since!

What makes this lipstick so interesting? The highly pigmented, the moisturizing dual tone lipstick allowed us to create the ombre lip trend easily. As we all know, ombre lips or the “stained” look, have been a big thing for a few years now, especially in Asia.



Honestly, I am not a huge fan of this stained look or ombre lips. Well, I do think it’s cool to be able to pull that look off when I saw the makeup tutorial on Youtube. However, my working environment is very conservative when it comes to beauty and fashion. It’s very old school. There was one time when I was told to wipe off my lips because the color was too vibrant and was not appropriate to wear to the office. I was wearing the SilkyGirl Lipcolor Balm in Wine (no. 6). So, I wiped it off and applied the Maybelline Candy Wow Lipcolor Balm in Mixed Berry instead, which has a more subtle color I felt like wearing balm instead of lipstick at that time; that’s why I went with Lipcolor balm instead of wearing lipstick.

Anyway, back to Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar. The reason I bought it was because although the shade looked very vibrant on the tube; however, the shades are actually wearable. Also, I never see and have not owned any lipsticks that look like this lip bar yet. So, why not give it a go?




The Formula

  • It has a creamy texture
  • It as a balm like formula
  • It feels waxy that  you can feel that you are wearing something on the lips
    It is very pigmented.
  • It does not last long, due to its creamy formula, especially if you use it to eat and drink, but it leaves tiny stains, especially on the edges of the lips that it looks like a frame.

pink-top-border-hiThe Shades

There are 10 shades in total:admin_Two-Tone-Lip-Bar_color chip

However, in this post, I will only share 3 colors that I managed to get at the launching event.

No. 1 – Magenta Muse




No. 2 – Red Blossom



No. 6 – Pink Step

IMG_3320IMG_3463 IMG_3406 pink-top-border-hi

The Application

I simply followed the steps from Laneige’s web page:

  1. Lower Lip:
    Glide the lip bar on the lower lip to let the main color applied inside the lip.
  2. Upper Lip:
    Turn the lip bar upside down and glide it on the upper lip to let the main color applied inside the lip.
  3. Gradation:
    Press the lips together and go “Mmm..”
  4. Gradation:
    “Pah! “Get more natural gradation lips
  5. Lip line:
    Blur the lip line with cotton swab
  6. Complete:
    Enjoy the attractive gradation lips as if it has been designed by an artist.



The Packaging

The packaging is pretty interesting. Unlike common lipstick which has a round shaped, the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar has a rectangle shape. Hence, the bullet inside also has a rectangle shape too. What makes it more interesting is you cannot twist the lip bar. So, to get the bullet out, you have to push down the button on the side with your thumb.

Just like other lipstick out there, the packaging box is made of carton and is designed with Laneige’s trademark color, silver. Next, Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar also color coded. So, at bottom of the box, you can find the name and sample color of what’s inside. At the bottom of the lip bar,you can also find this color code too to help us differentiate the lip bar, in case you have thrown the box.




The Store & The Price

You can get it from any Laneige counters nearest to you. I got it for Rp 250,000. However I am not sure if it was a special promotion price or it was the real pricing. Please let me know below if you know the pricing 🙂



That’s all my review & swatches. I will definitely recommend this lipstick to anyone who loves Korean Beauty, or wanna try to new stuff. It’s pretty interesting to try. I do like the formulation, because it does not make your lips dry. In fact, it’s pretty moisturizing for lipstick. However, I don’t really like the two tone lip bar idea. It’s because although the main purpose of the product is to let us easily pull ombre lips look; in fact, I found it hard to achieve the desire look. At the end, I used lip brush to get the color right. Perhaps, it was also because I don’t have a plump lips. Probably people with more plump lips will find this lip bar helpful. If you have tried this lip bar as well, please share your experience below. Probably it was just me who have not managed to find the application trick.



Blossom Shine

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