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LA Girl Indonesia [ Makeup Review]

LA Girl Indonesia surely knows how to make a surprise. So, here is the thing. I went to Cosmbeaute Indonesia 2016 last month. Not knowing that I would won anything, I went around the booths, checking heaps of beauty products. It was really amazing. Think I should have spared 2 days for the exhibition. It was because there were so much to look at; there were so much products to try, and there were so much events to watch.

One of the booth that I found there was the LA Girl Indonesia’s booth. They just entered Indonesia recently. I was so excited to find them there. It was because I love their products very much, especially the concealers. Let me told you, their concealers were seriously the bomb! Many Youtube makeup gurus have been named it as their favorites.

Having lots of fun browsing their products, I also took picture there and posted it on Instagram and tagged the LA Girl Indonesia’s official Instagram. I did not aware that they were having a selfie photo competition on Instagram till they announced me as one of their winner. It really surprised me. I never won anything on Instagram before. That’s why I DM them directly asking about it. In short, they replied me and asked for my details to send the gift. Here are the gifts that I got and my thoughts about them, enjoy!

Comes in with a L.A. Girl black pouch, I got an eyeshadow palette, an eyeliner, an eye-primer and a lipstick.


The L.A. Girl Inspiring Eyeshadow Palette

Thank you so much LA Girl Indonesia! I was just looking at this palette and thinking of getting it. So, my first impression about this eyeshadow palette is it has a similar packaging with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. The Inspiring Eyehshadow Palette comes in a metal tin with a hard sponge insert, and a small mirror underside of the lid, except the L.A. Girl Palette comes with a dual-ended sponge tip eyeshadow applicator.

For the shade,  L.A. Girl offered 6 types of Inspiring Palette, which you can check here. Mine, as shown by the picture below, they gave me the Naturally Beautiful. Just like the name said it, this palette is loaded with 6 natural shades, which perfect for someone who do not like fancy colors.

As the swatch shows it, the palette consists of 5 mattes and 1 shimmer. Since, there is no name, I will do my best to help you understanding the shades.

In general,  this palette lean toward cool-toned more than warm-tone.   As you can see, there are cool-toned browns, taupe-y silver, matte purple and matte white. It is interesting to have a matte purple shade and dark brown among these earthy shades. Hence, we can play this palette up for a great night smokey eyes look. It’s just the matte white shade need a couple of layer to really pop.

In regards with texture and formula, the matte shades, except the dark brown, have a pretty dry and powdery texture. The darkest brown, even though it has a buttery texture like the UD’s eyeshadow, but it still is powdery and a little bit messy during hand swatches. Below, I created two look – day and night look using this palette. Please pardon the messy brows. I am currently outgrowing them; so I can reshape them better later.

Currently, they are sold at the LA Girl Indonesia’s website for IDR 160.000,- (Normal Price IDR 240.000,-).

Soft Neutral Look, perfect for daily look to campus or work or hangout.
Whether you are going to campus or work or hangout, this Simple and Soft Natural look is perfect to wear daily.
Naturally Smokey Eyes - perfect for a night out look, perfect especially for those who do not like flashy glamour look.
Naturally Smokey Eyes – perfect for a night out look, perfect especially for those who do not like flashy glamour look.
  • The shades easy to blend
  • The shades are build-able
  • Good shades combination, perfect for both day & night look
  • Reasonably priced
  • The packaging comes with mirror
  • The packaging is travel friendly
  • The formula is too dry that it causes fall out
  • Not as pigmented as I expect, but thank God it’s buildable; hence, I can always build the shades to achieve the intensity I desire.
Rates: 3.5/5


The L.A. Girl Eyeshadow Pro Pimer – White

If eye primer normally comes in a gel-like form, the L.A. Girl eyeshadow pro primer comes in a stick form. How unusual, right? Therefore, I have been looking at this primer for a while, but I never managed to get it. Well, of course I was very excited when I finale got my hands on it. In short, it comes in 3 shades: white, nude and black. Mine here is the white one.

Claimed to be a multi-tasking primer that has a light weight, non-sticky formula to set the eye makeup for a long time; the primer has a smooth or non-greasy texture, and as promise, it is not sticky. It glides easily over eyelids and is also easy to spread, giving the eyes a nice base for makeup application.

I am glad they gave me the white one, instead of the nude one. It is because white base makes the eyes look brighter and helps the eyeshadow to show up better.

I  have tried this stick primer on two occasions. First, I wore as my eye base for my friend’s wedding. It lasted through the party well. The eyeshadow did not crease or moved even an inch after four hours.  Second, I wore it to work. I applied it in the morning and wore it for about 12 hours. During the day, I got a chance to test its maximum capacity under Indonesia’s hot and humid weather. Surprise – surprise, it went pretty well. I did not expect the eyeshadow to melt, but I expected it to at least moved a bit, because I got very oily skin.

It costs the same price with NYX eye primer, IDR 90.000,-. However, the L.A. Girl Eyeshadow Pro Primer works better on me than NYX’s.

  • Even though it’s in the stick form, but the primer is easy to blend
  • It is also Spreadable
  • The pricing is affordable. I thought it would cost more
  • It does not crease; hence, my eyeshadow last all day
  • No need sharpener! Just twist the bottom to get more of the product
  • So far, I have nothing to complain about.
Rates: 4/5


The L.A. Girl Penciliner – Bronze

Eyeliner has been one of my favorite makeup item. I normally use the gel-liner type,  but I used to use pencil-liner before. If you are new to makeup, I recommend you to start with pencil-liner first. It is because pencil-liner is easier to control than liquid liner. Plus you don’t have to use a makeup brush to apply.

In general, eyeliner is divided into three types: pencil, gel and liquid eyeliner. From those three types, L.A Girl develops 6 kinds of eyeliner: Line Art Matte Eyeliner, Endless Auto Eyeliner, Eyeliner Pencil, Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil, Gel Liner Kit and Liquid Eyeliner. Mine is the eyeliner pencil in Bronze shade. For more shades,click here.

Basically, it is functioned to define the eyes by shaping it. You can say, eyeliner is like the Cinderella’s magic wand. It can transform your eyes become bigger or look more dramatic by creating wings on the edge of your eyes. However, these are not the only way of using it.

Another way to use it, which I often do with the pencil type like this, is as eyeshadow. Since this pencil-liner is a normal pencil, as in not the gel type, I apply it after the eye primer; so, the shade last longer. It is because, the weakness of eyeliner pencil is it does not last long, especially if you have oily skin type like me.

This penciliner costs IDR 72.000,-, but is currently on special – IDR 55.000,-.  I personally think that the original price is a little bit costly for a pencil-liner. I hope they keep it on IDR 55.000,-.

  • It comes in many color variants to create different kind of looks
  • pigmented
  • Easy to blend
  • The shade is build-able, but not making any lump
  • Not sticky
  • It does not last long on my monolid eyes, even though I have use eye primer before hand
  • Need to sharpen the pencil
  • For a pencil-liner, I think it’s quite costly.
Rates: 3/5


The L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lipstick

L.A. Girl has two kind of lipsticks: Luxury Crème Lipsticks and Matte Lipsticks. Mine here is the Luxury Crème Lipsticks. I am not too fancy with Matte Lipsticks, except it is in the form of liquid lipstick. I don’t know, but I think it’s just weird. Well, you can say that I am conventional when it comes to lipstick. I don’t believe it myself. As a beauty blogger and makeup artist, I ought to try them. Well, I will try it next, perhaps.

Claimed to have an ultra-rich colors and  light weight formula, completed with moisturizing ingredients like aloe, shea butter & vitamin E, L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lipstick comes in 38 shades. Before hand, I already owned two shades. So, now I have three of them. Lucky me, they gave a shade that I haven’t had yet. Here are the shades I owned:

Rendezvous: The color on the bullet looks like dusty pink. However, it looks like mauve pink on me.

Secret Admirer: The color on the bullet looks like mauve pink. However, it looks like bright berry shade on me.

Promise: The color on the bullet looks like peachy pink, and looks exactly the same on me.

Secret Admirer
Secret Admirer


  • The lipstick is pigmented.
  • The shades easy to blend and build-able.
  • The size is travel friendly.
  • There are heaps of shades for every occasions and  skin-tone.
  • The price is still affordable, that is IDR 90.000,- (currently on special, IDR 60.000,-).
  • I don’t like the scent. It’s pretty strong for me, especially the Promise shade; it has the strongest scent.
  • Even though it’s a creamy lipstick, but it’s pretty drying on the lips.
Rates: 3.5/5


The Stores

You can purchase all the products above online and offline. For the online stores, you can get it from the LA Girl Indonesia’s official website. Offline, you can visit LA Girl Indonesia’s official counter at you nearest Sogo dept store, Matahari dept store and Aeon Beauty Counter.


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Blossom & Shine

Just a snap of the whole look I created with these amazing goodies <3 I wore the L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lipstick - Secret Admirer on the lips.
Just a snap of the whole look I created with these amazing goodies <3 #ladybosslook 😛



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