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Kate Middleton Makeup Look [Makeup Collaboration]

Who wants to know Kate Middleton Makeup Look ? I am so inspired by this wonderful woman. Therefore, in celebration of Women Empowerment Day, which in Indonesia we know best as Hari Kartini, I decided to choose her as my inspiration for Makeup Collaboration with Beautiesquad.

Beautiesquad Makeup Collaboration

Kate Middleton

Young, simple, elegant, graceful, smart, energetic, fashionable, lovely and beautiful. These are the nine qualities I adore from the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s very hard nowadays to find a great role model like her. No offense, but just look at the media, most public figure they highlight are celebrities. I am not against fandom, but let’s be real. Under normal category, they are being exposed because they are famous, rich, pretty or handsome.  Negatively, some of them are exposed for their antiques behavior and scandals that are hot enough to make headlines. Yet, do they have any morals or values that can be look up to?

There are tons of good deeds and achievements that Kate has done, which I believe have inspired and motivated lots of people to follow her steps. To start off, despite of being born into a wealthy family, Kate took her study seriously. Not only she did well in her school – passing 11 GCSEs and three A-level exams, but she also graduated from University with Honor Degree in Art History.

Second, during her uni life, Kate has shown her love for the people. It was proven through her volunteer action in Chile before starting university, helping with environmental programmed and a community project for disadvantaged children. Then, in 2002, during her uni life, Kate appeared as one of models for an exclusive Charity fashion-show. Further, when she married Prince William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridged established the Royal Wedding Charity Fund to further support causes around the world. So far, there are 25 causes and 14 charities supported by her.

Kate Middleton Makeup Look - Daily
Kate Middleton Makeup Look – Daily


Kate Middleton Makeup

In regards with style, The Duchess of Cambridge’ has a very simple yet elegant style. Believe it or not, Kate Middleton does not use much makeup, even on her wedding day. For sure, she does not contour, strobing and baking. According to Hannah Martin, a makeup artist who was on hand to help beautify Kate on her wedding day, the concept is to enhance features. There are many who try to conceal their look by disguise a feature. However, Kate’s look is all about enhancing features with little make-up.

.Kate Middleton Makeup Look - Glamour 

The trick

The secret behind Kate Middleton’s Effortless Makeup look is Skincare. It helps plumping the skin to be ready for makeup. Starting from the serum to help nourish the skin, do not forget to apply eye cream under the eyes to help with eye bag issue.


Basing on my personal experience when I recreated Kate Middleton’s look , it worked! My complexion looked a lot better. The skincare helped smoothing my skin surface; hence, I spent less effort on my complexion makeup, and I used lesser foundation too! If I usually needed 4-5 drops of NYX Total Control Drop Foundation to achieve smooth complexion; this time, I only used 2 drops, which according to the information on the box, it only provided light coverage. How good that was!

NYX Cosmetics Total Control Drop Foundation

Still talking about Kate’s face makeup, after applying foundation, I sealed it with Makeover Cosmetics Silky Smooth Translucent Powder. I chose Translucent Powder because it is great for killing shine and doesn’t add a ton of extra product to your skin as you touch up throughout the day. Then, I finished it by contouring my face first with Makeover Cosmetics Contour Kit, to make it more narrow, because Kate does not have as chubby cheek as mine (LOL!). To finish it off, I applied some blush and highlighter using my current favorite limited edition Ombre Obsession Face Palette by Sephora to make my face looks more fresh and brighter.

.Makeover Cosmetics Transluscent PowderSephora Ombre Obsession Face Palette
Makeover Cosmetics Contour Kit Palette


For the eyes makeup, Kate Middleton always goes with Natural smokey eyes. Whatever her activities are – dropping and picking up her kids at school, going on a sport events, attending royal events with the queen, accompanying her husband, giving a speech at charity, and so on – she always goes with the same makeup style. Only on certain occasions, she adds a little trick to make it more glam, i.e. by framing the eyes with black eyeliner. In this collab, I used Morphe 35W palette to create the natural smokey eyes, and Makeover Cosmetics Black Jet Gel Liner Pencil. In addition, since Kate does not use Fake Lashes, even on her wedding day, I chose Urban Decay Perversion Mascara for Volumising effect to recreate her volume-lash. I did not really seek for lengthening mascara because Kate has short lashes.

.Morpher Cosmetics 35W eyeshadow palette It is Makeover Cosmetics Black Jet Gel Eyeliner PencilUrban Decay Perversion Mascara


Moving on the brow, Kate has a very define brow that always looks sharp. Therefore, I redefine mine for this Beautiesquad Makeup Collaboration; so, it matched with hers. Then, I used this Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel Mascara in Espreso to keep them neat and tidy.

Annastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel Mascara



As for the lips, Kate’s lips always look rosy and bright. Therefore, I specifically chose Tarte Cosmetic Romantic Lip Surgence Lip Tint.

Tarte Cosmetics Romantic LIp Surgence Lip Tint


My Current Skincare Routine

Since this post is already long enough, I will make a separate post for the mini review of the makeup products I used and the Tutorial. For now, here is the skincare products that are used on my current skincare routine, which I used in this makeup collaboration; all of these skincare are universal – can be used by any skin types:

Wardah Lightening Toner

This is my Favorite Drugstore toner. What I like most of this toner is that it does not contain alcohol; therefore, it’s safe and friendly to be used daily. Moreover, it contains AHA in the formula, which has been proven effective to help lifting dead skin cells that causes our skin looking dull. What’s more, it also contains moisturizer and vitamin E that helps our skin to stay nourish and fresh.

The best part when I use this toner is, it helps cleaning dirt left behind. Sometimes we forget to reach certain area when washing our face, aren’t we? Or perhaps, we wash our face in hurry. Therefore, I highly suggesting you to not skipping this step no matter how lazy or how busy you are. That’s what I do. No matter how tired and sleepy I am, yet, I still use toner after washing my face and brushing my teeth.

Wardah Beauty Lightening Toner


Astalift Renewal Jelly Aquarysta

I cannot express how grateful I am to find this product. The first time I knew about this product was during the Astalift Beauty Blogger Gathering two months ago. It was one of the goodies I received from them.

In short, this product is amazing. It worth every cents spends. It is basically one of Astalift’s anti-ageing skincare product. However, it is different with other anti-aging products out there. The main difference, Astalift Renewal Jelly Aqurysta is formulated with “human type nano ceramides.” So, besides Collagen, Ceramide is the other important key to young, healthy and elastic skin.

Basing on my personal experience, I find this Jelly helps my  skin to absorb the products above it better. Hence, I like to use it to prep my skin before using other skincare products, including serum. You can say it is “the primer” of my skincare. For more information, check out my review of this Astalift Renewal Jelly Aquarysta on my previous post.

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta


Garnier Light Complete Super Essence

Basically, this complete super essence functions to brighten our skin. In compare with other Garnier brightening products, this essence contains the highest brightening content and Vitamin C. Please keep in mind, this product is not design to get rid of our fleck. It only makes it vague as our skin looks brighter.

I normally use this product at night as part of my night skincare. However, just for the purpose of this collaboration, I include it in the Kate Middleton Makeup Tutorial to make my complexion looks brighter.

Garnier Complete Super Essence


Laneige Water Bank Essence

Hands up people! This is my all time favorite skincare. Mainly, I love it because it’s water base; means, it’s friendly for oily skin.

I found it 9 years ago when I still lived in overseas, online. Back then, my skin was in a very bad condition. Pimples, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, dull skin, flecks – I got them all. I have tried many skincare and nothing worked. It was till I found Laneige Water Bank series; then, my skin got better and better everyday. It peeled off my dead skin cells, and keeped my skin nourished. As a result, my skin produced lesser oil.

Laneige Water Bank Essence


Garnier Sakura White Serum

Big Pores is a common issue among the Indonesian – among both men and women. It is due to our hot and humid weather. Hence, this serum helps us to minimize the pores size. Please note that this treatment is not permanent, unless you move to live in North Pole where the weather is always cold.

Garnier Sakura White Essence


Kate Middleton Inspired Makeup

Here are my version of Kate Middleton Makeup Look

Kate Middleton Inspired Look 1 Kate Middleton Inspired Look 2

.Kate Middleton Inspired Look 3  Kate Middleton Inspired Look 4


Also, please check out other Beautiesquad Makeup Collaboration participants’ work, such as my friend Nanda. Can you guess who inspired her? Check her blog out to find out!

Beautiesquad April Makeup Collaboration, mosaic compilation of contributors



So, that’s all my Blog Post for the day. I hope you all having a great reading time, and find the information useful. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media for more beauty boosts and updates.


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