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Jacquelle Invisible Eyelid – Honey Lace [Makeup Tools Review]

Hello, today I am back with a new review – Jacquelle Invisible Eyelid in Honey Lace type! I am so excited because this is my very first review of beauty helper. Also, the look I created with the eye tape is inspired from Emma Watson’s look as Belle in the recreation of Beauty & The Beast, which was launched last month.

The look was very natural, simple and elegant but delivering a strong character at the same time. So, here is my version of Belle’s Look.

Ps: I finale decided to wear this read & black theme clothe because it reflects the beast & his rose best. 

The Brand

For those who are new to Jacquelle, it is a brand that focus its business in woman needs. Jacquelle aims to beautify women overall look by providing a careful series of exclusive product for eye, face, hair and nails, which are divided into two categories: Beauty Helper and Beauty Tools.

Here for this blog, I was sent one of their Beauty Helper Product, the Jacquelle Invisible Eyelid

Jacquelle Invisible Eyelid

Jacquelle has 10 types of Invisible Eyelid products, namely:

  • Lace Invisible Eyelid:
    • Honey Lace
    • Pink Floral Lace
    • Pink Lace
    • Moon Light
    • Fresh Mint
  • Invisible Eyelid Tape:
    • Baby  Flow Yellow
    • Baby Flow White
    • Basic Flow Yellow
    • Basic Flow White
    • Crystal

Mine here is the Jacquelle Invisible Eyelid – Honey Lace.

Jacquelle Invisible Eyelid – Honey Lace

The Jacquelle Invisible Eyelid  is a premium invisible eyelid created with soft meshed lace material that is designed to get our desired natrual eyelid. It blends well with makeup. With mild eye glue lotion that are comfortable on the skin, Jacquelle’s Honey Lace presents to freshen your eyes and make it more rounded.

Monolid Issues

For Asian women like me, who has monolid, the invention of eyelid tape is very meaningful. It really helps to make our eyes looking more wide, awake and open. I may sound so hypebole here, but monolid is a serious beauty issue for us, Asian.

Personally, I found it very hard to create a beautiful eyes look like smokey eyes, because of my hooded eyes. Hence, I found it easier to create my own version of smokey eyes, rather than following the Western Style of Smokey Eyes steps. However, I still wanted to be able to recreate other looks that I found interesting to try.

Another issue was about eyeliner. It was very hard to create a proper eyeliner that would make my eyes look beautifully balance. Since my eyes were very slanted, therefore it was very noticeable. Plus, it made my unbalance eyes shape very apparent too. Well everyone is facing the same issues, no matter how big or small their eyes shape are, but if you have big eyes, people were less likely to notice the difference.

The Jacquelle Invisible Eyelid – Honey Lace

As the picture below shows it, Jacquelle’s Honey Lace pack contains of 3 items: The Invisible Eyelid Lace (30 pieces), a Clear Glue and a plastic Tweezer.

I kind of understand now why they call it Honey Lace Invisible Eyelid. It’s because the fiber pattern looks like Bee’s house where they stored the honey. Plus, the color of the lace is too like golden honey’s shade.


  1. Remove the eyelid tape from the transparent paper.
  2. Put the eyelid tape on the back of your hand; apply glue on it.
  3. Apply the tape to the eyelid. Press with you fingers until it dries out.


  • The glue needs to go throughout the mesh eyelid tape before it is dry. When the glue is dry, the mesh eyelid tape will be transparent.
  • When applying the eye tape, make sure the position of your mirror is 45 degree from your face. It’s easier to apply that way. That’s the best angle I can find so far to apply both eyelid tape and false lashes

My Experience


Before trying Jacquelle Invisible Eyelid, I have tried other eye tape brands, other types and shapes of eye tape. So far, Jacquelle’s is the only eyelid tape that comes with a glue in the pack. Others that I have tried, either it’s a tape type, as in like sellotape, the others are peel-off type. For instance, they are all sticky already; therefore, you don’t need to apply glue to make it sticky anymore. A few are sticky enough to last all day, but others are not that sticky, while another is not sticky at all.

In short, I have tried wearing this Jacquelle Honey Lace Invisible Eyelid Tape for a few days now. So far, I found it comfortable to wear. It helped adding the hood that I did not have, making my eyes more pop; hence, I looked more fresh and awake. What’s more, it lasted up to 12 good hours. I haven’t tried wearing it for 24 hours though.


The turn down sides, I could feel that I was wearing eye tape on my eyes. It did not make me feel uncomfortable though. It just felt a little bit heavy on the eyes. Probably, it was because I seldom wearing eye tape.

Next, I found it hard to apply eye base makeup on top of it. Even though the tape was dry already when I applied the eye base, but once I applied the eye base, the lace became soft again; therefore, it could move. I thought it was because the eye base contained oil in the formula, but then I tried other types of eye base and it gave me the same result. Hence, I tried to use other products such as NYX Eye Jumbo Pencil and Maybelline Color Tattoo as the base. It turned out these products were hard to blend on top of the lace. It was because my skin felt hurt when I rubbed the products to blend, the friction caused the pain.

The Store & The Price

I haven’t checked where you can get it offline. However, you can definitely purchase it online from Jacquelle’s official website and  Sociolla for IDR 119,000/pack. If you decide to shop from Sociolla, here I have a Discount Code for you to enjoy! Simply, just enter the code on the picture below when you check out 🙂


So, that’s all my review for the day. I hope you all having a great reading time, and find the information useful. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media for more beauty boosts and updates.

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