Jamberry: Get Your Nail Arts Done In Minutes!

Being a full time working mom has not been easy for me. Juggling between work, blogging, house work and taking care of a toddler; I hardly have the time for me time. All I want after those daily routine is a good night sleep. Getting my nail done is now like a dream come true.

It’s not till 6 weeks a go, when Kelly – Jamberry Australia Consultant – DM me on Instagram, asking me if I would be interested to receive a sample of Jamberry Nail Wraps. This is not my first Nail Stickers though. I have purchased a local nail stickers a year ago, but I did not really know how to apply it. Also, I still got the time to paint my nail back then. Hence, I forgot about it at all. Only now, I really grateful that there is such thing as nail stickers; so I can get my nails done in minutes! How good is that!

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