Silisponge Review [Makeup Tools]

Who has tried Silisponge? I have been wanting to get myself a silisponge since the hype broke the net. Guess what, a few week ago, an old friend of mine, the owner of @sweetenme, contacted me;  she asked if I interested to try Silisponge. As you can guess, of course, I said yes to her! Cut […]

Royal Jelly Detox [Skincare Review]

Does anyone ever heard about Royal Jelly Detox? The first thing that popped in your mind must be, “it’s a food supplement!”, or “It must be one of diet thingy”. Am I right? It’s because that’s the first thing that comes to my mind. However, I am not going to share about food supplement though. […]

ASTALIFT Liquid Foundation – Photogenic Beauty [MAKEUP REVIEW]

Hello, I am back with another Astalift photogenic beauty product today, The ASTALIFT liquid foundation: Lighting Perfection Moist Pure Liquid UV Foundation SPF25 PA++. Phew.. What a long name, doesn’t it? Well, it does tell you the quality they offer straightly though. When I receive this product, I was really excited, because I never use any […]