How To Get The Right Facial Treatment [Beauty Tips]

Hi ladies, today I would like to share about Facial Treatment . This article is especially dedicated to my friends who have been experiencing trauma from bad facial side effect, and also you, who may experienced similar issues. All ladies must want to get a bright clean and healthy face. Therefore, many of us went Facial to get their skin treated […]

Silisponge Review [Makeup Tools]

Who has tried Silisponge? I have been wanting to get myself a silisponge since the hype broke the net. Guess what, a few week ago, an old friend of mine, the owner of @sweetenme, contacted me;  she asked if I interested to try Silisponge. As you can guess, of course, I said yes to her! Cut […]

Royal Jelly Detox [Skincare Review]

Does anyone ever heard about Royal Jelly Detox? The first thing that popped in your mind must be, “it’s a food supplement!”, or “It must be one of diet thingy”. Am I right? It’s because that’s the first thing that comes to my mind. However, I am not going to share about food supplement though. […]