Insta Story Background (Free Download)

Hi guys, selamat datang di bulan Juli. Dalam post kali ini aku mau share beberapa Insta Story Background yang cantik dan berguna. Design – design yang aku bagikan ini adalah kompilasi dari koleksi Insta Story Background dan Template yang aku temukan dari pinterest. Sejauh ini, ada 5 kategori design yang menarik perhatianku. Semoga design – […]

Maintenance Announcement!

Hi guys, just wanna let you all know that this blog will be down for a while due to technical Maintenance. So, please accept my sincere apology if you experience any difficulties with the sites. Also, thank you for your kind understanding & continuous support for me. Xoxo Blossom & Shine

Blog Lovin

Howdy everyone! I have good news for you. Blossom & Shine is now available to follow on Blog Lovin! Yay! <3 If you have a blog lovin account, Go and Follow my blog with Bloglovin now! Cheers! xoxo @bsbeauty16


Hi guys, I am very happy to announce that I just update my Blog Lovin! Wohoooo….!! I you have Blog Lovin, please follow me there. Here is the link: Follow my blog with Bloglovin Cheers, xoxo      

Would you rather. . . ?

Hi guys,  Tonight I am up again with another Beauty Tag questions called , “would you rather…?”  I found this whole tag games very addictive for me.. LoL! But it is a creatively good way to get to know each other better (^.^) Anyway, I hope you enjoy it 🙂