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ASTALIFT: Renewal Jelly Aquarysta [SKINCARE REVIEW]


Have you ever heard about ASTALIFT Renewal Jelly Aquarysta? It basically is a Japanese Anti-Aging product. So, before this, I never tried any ASTALIFT product. Therefore, I don’t really know what to expect about it, except helping my skin to rejuvenate. However, after I came to their Beauty Blogger Gathering, everything changed. Why? It’s because I discovered and learned a lot about their secret ingredient that other brands do not offer.

The Brand

Astalift is an award-winning cosmetic brand created by Fujifilm. After being hits in photography industry, In 2004, using various technological assets such as those on Collagen and Nanoparticle formulation, Fujifilm started to foster the photogenic beauty business. Fast forward to 2007, Fujifilm successfully formulated nanoparticles of Astaxanthin, a red ingredient filled with beauty power. The proprietary nanotechnology was used to blend the delicate ingredient stably and at high concentration to boost permeability, resulting in the debut of the red skincare series, that we know as ‘ASTALIFT‘.

ASTALIFT Renewal Jelly Aquarysta

The Product

Astalift has a wide range of skincare developed uing 4 technologies – Nano Technology, Collagen Technology, Anti-oxidation Technology and Optical Analysis & Control Technologies. Each offers different treatments to make “beautiful skin”.

The product that I received here is their infamous Renewal Jelly Aquarysta. It is a unique anti-ageing skincare product composed of an effective mix of collagen and moisturizer.

ASTALIFT Renewal Jelly Aquarysta

The Discovery

Through a long intensive research, Fujifilm found that the key to young, healthy and elastic skin  is lied on corneal layer where “Ceramides” located. It is the guard of our skin. Not only it prevents oxidation, but it also protects the skin against adverse environmental effects such as pollution. To be precise, Ceramides are a specialy type of oily wax that’s naturally found in our skin (and other places). It forms a kind of water-proofing barrier in the upper layers of skin; hence, Ceramides are not only critical for helping our skin retain water but they also help repair the skin’s natural barrier and regulate cells. Therefore, without Ceramides our skin our skin is vulnerable – lose the moisturizer, becomes dry, premature aging, and the appearance of dark spots, etc.

The Renewal Jelly Aquarysta FORMULA

ASTALIFT Renewal Jelly Aquarysta is formulated withhuman type nano ceramides” that functions to keep the skin nourished as well as keeping it safe from Free Radical damaged. It is called as “human type nano ceramide” because it has a similar particle structure with “human type”. Since it has a “nano size“, therefore, it is called “nano ceramide”; hence, it is easily absorb by the skin. In fact, it is the smallest size of nano ceramide in the world i.e. 20nM.

Further, the jelly is also contained Astaxanthin with nano size 70nM. It is well known as one of the best antioxidant from nature. Therefore, it is best suggested to apply Jelly Aquarysta before applying other skincare such as lotion, essence/serum, cream/night cream, and UV protector. Another key ingredients used in the formula are Collagen, Nano Lycopene and highly-permeable Resveratrol.


My Experience

To be honest, I just started using this product about three days ago, but from the very first day I could see the result already. Therefore, I decided to write this up earlier instead of later. It’s because I usually take two weeks to review a skincare products. Anyway, here are my thoughts:

  • It looks like jelly in the bottle
  • Has watery texture once applied; therefore it’s very light
  • Spreadable; so, a little goes along the way
  • Absorbs quickly, but takes sometimes to completely dry
  • Has a very nice flowery scent (fragrance)
  • Soothes the skin and felt very refreshing

My Thought

The first result I noticed was my pores become smaller in a night. Please notes that I was using this Jelly alone, or without any other skincare. Another result that I noticed, this serum helps to heal scar marks and my panda eyes; If you look at my picture, you will notice that I have eye-bags. Well, what to say? If you have been lacking of sleep and spending so much time looking at the computer screens, you will get eye-bags like me too. Luckily, now I have the solution, but still, I need to spend lesser time on gadgets, and try to get more good night sleeps. Another result I noticed is my skin becomes healthier and brighter.

On my third day of experiment, I applied my sleeping mask on. It was claimed that the Jelly helped the skin to absorb the skincare better and protected it from oxidizing. In short, I found that it worked; hence, I tried to use it as my makeup base to prime my face before applying my face primer. As a result, I found it helpful with the makeup application as it helps the skin to absorb it better.

Recommendation: Yes 

Rating: 4/5 (-1 star because of the pricing)


The Packaging

The packaging theme is red. From the box to the small spoon, all are red, except the bottle tray; it’s colorless and transparent. Some skincare comes with a small spoon to help us picking up the product, so we won’t take too much, but none of the skincare I have tried actually comes with with a tray. As you can see, it looks just like the one displayed at the counter. Very fancy, doesn’t it?


The Store & The Price

On overseas, like in Singapore for example, you can purchase it online from their official website. In Indonesia, you can purchase it offline only at your nearest Sogo.

This Jelly Aquarysta costs IDR 1.473.000 for the small size (40gr) & IDR 1.900.000 for the big size (60gr).



So, that’s all my review for the day. I hope you all having a great reading time, and find the information useful. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media for more beauty boosts and updates.

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